Singer/Songwriter John Lee

I will be releasing two songs every two weeks from my seventh album 'Outside the Outsiders', free to download. It was recorded during the years 2017/18 and encompasses topics affecting many of us today, such as Brexit, climate change, the refugee crisis, isolation, loneliness and hopefully shines a dim light of hope in these demanding times. Thanks for listening and enjoy the music Peace:)

Thoughts and Reflections – Nature

It’s been a tough year with the loss of my mum and recently my grandma. It puts everything into perspective and to quote from the great Pearl Jam song, ‘Sirens’ , “it’s a fragile thing this life that we lead”, sums it up for me at the moment. It’s hard to understand this world during such times, you have to dig deep and find some purpose to go forward. I’ve been walking in the mountains and getting lost in the wild, it’s soothing for the soul and enables my thought processes to settle.

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Searching For The Truth – A Discussion

Somethings cannot be explained and these interest me more than any fact or accepted truth called history. Education isn’t a bad thing, I appreciate being able to read and write , but why aren’t we taught about unseen or alternative history. Is there some conspiracy to cover up the truth,. But what is the truth what do solitary monks wish to find, what is enlightenment , maddness?!. George Orwell was eerily accurate with his novel 1984, to think diffrently is a crime or to even think at all , why are we bombarded with a lifestlye we can’t afford, do we aspire to be celebrities.

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What am I Listening to – Rock & Blues

At the moment I am listening to the following albums the most:-

  • Black rebel motorcycle club – Howl
  • Robert Johnson – blues boxset
  • Neil Young – Le Noise
  • Aerosmith – live bootleg
  • Foo Fighters – wasting light
  • Pink Floyd – division bell
  • Pearl Jam – live on ten legs

Diary of Creativity 15

I’m currently practicing songs to record later this year and will form a four track e.p. called Top Secret. The songs included are 1)top secret 2)let it go 3)endless hymn 4)hold on. I’m also selecting songs to record soon for my 5th album, 13 , and will look to release it early next year.

Daily Poem – Once Upon a Time

  • once there was no time at all
  • something eclipsed the sky
  • was it mind or matter
  • inside the hovering eye
  • upside down,inside out
  • looking in the reflection to see
  • an image of a being
  • independant and free
  • for when a tree falls with no one to hear
  • does it make a sound, if no mind is near
  • for the mind is a creation
  • and the wisdom instilled
  • for matter is moved
  • by the mind revealed.

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My 20 Favourite Songs at the Moment

  1. 1) Hearts of palm – buffalo tom
  2. 2) Masters of war – bob dylan
  3. 3) Ayitma madjam – tamikrest
  4. 4) save the hammer for the man – tom morello(feat. ben harper)
  5. 5) Two trains – little feat
  6. 6) Faithful – pearl jam
  7. 7) Inner peace – eat static
  8. 8) sugar magnolia – grateful dead
  9. 9) Over the hill – john martyn
  10. 10) Oh love – green day
  11. 11) Waiting for the sun – the jayhawks
  12. 12) Till your well runs dry – peter tosh
  13. 13) Theres a planet here – ozric tentacles
  14. 14) I cant turn you loose – otis redding
  15. 15) Act of love – neil young
  16. 16) End over end – foo fighters
  17. 17) L.a. woman – the doors
  18. 18) The great salt lake – band of horses
  19. 19) rotten apple – alice in chains
  20. 20) get it hot – ac/dc

Diary of Creativity 24

Recorded my new album , Hegelian Dialectic from the 26th august to the 29th. Really pleased with the recording, quality a lot better. Consisting of 14 songs, it’s a double album, with themes of loneliness, mental illness and indoctrination, it’s a concept of free association and alienation, with hope always lingering underneath. Thanks for reading and listening to my music. Peace.

Mysteries of the Earth (Part Three) – Monsters and the Mind

1) Do monsters really fly? Mythology has many stories of fire breathing dragons, the fearsome roc of the arabian nights, the harpies of greece and the thunderbird of american indian lore. Evidence however is scarce, but the fossil remains of a pterodactly, a sharp toothed reptile with a 25 feet wingspan were found, so do flying monsters exist now. In new jersey there is the jersey devil, with 2 feet batlike wings and in africa a creature called the kongamato has been seen, described as a flying lizard with a beak full of teeth. Also in washington, texas and west virginia there is the mothman, reputed to be man shaped and gray in colour. All these creatures have been seen, are they alien in origin, experiments gone wrong, no one knows, but nothing is what it seems.

2) Mind creatures. Creatures of the mind exist in a variety of forms, such as lifelike entities in dreams, invisible friends and hallucinations. Some apparitions however make public appearances and in Tibet manifestations of the mind are called tulpas. A tulpa is produced by a skilled magician or yogi and some are able to produce 10 different kinds of tulpa such as humans , animal or supernatural. A woman lama wrote a book about her experience with a tulpa called magic , mystery in tibet. She manifested from her mind a phantom monk, who eventually became troublesome and a day- nightmare for the lama, after a long struggle the phantom dissolved. A lesson to be learned, what you see maybe a illusion and people maybe there to deceive and corrupt. Be careful who you trust.

Black Holes

Beyond Earth is an infinity of space, that man has only just begun to explore. One of the greater mysteries and baffling is the phenomenon known as black holes. They cannot be seen and there existence is shown by the effect they have on other objects. They are like whirlpools in space. Any object that strays to near will be sucked into it’s dark maw. Where it goes no one knows. Do giant suns and galactic dust cease to exist, or do they travel into another dimension.

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Diary of Creativity 5

I have been busy practicing songs and deciding on the tracklisting for the new album. I have got around 15 songs to record and have already recorded demos on my 4 track. I am pleased with the quality of the songs and believe its my strongest yet. Also be making another track available for download around Easter.

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