Singer/Songwriter John Lee

I will be releasing two songs every two weeks from my seventh album 'Outside the Outsiders', free to download. It was recorded during the years 2017/18 and encompasses topics affecting many of us today, such as Brexit, climate change, the refugee crisis, isolation, loneliness and hopefully shines a dim light of hope in these demanding times. Thanks for listening and enjoy the music Peace:)

The Creation of Life

Many people believe that human life came from space, developing from viruses and bacteria brought to earth by giant comets. Sir Fred Hoyle, a professor of astronomy at cambridge was the first to identify giant dust clouds that float silently through space, swarming with the ingredients of life. He claims a comet plunged through one of these clouds 4,000 million years ago and eventually crashed into earths atmosphere, amazingly producing plants, animals and eventually humans.

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Diary of Creativity 19

I’ve been working on new songs for my new album, have 13 in a early state of evolution. Hopefully to record later this year. Also in the process of writing a novel called Dark Moon, which is a kind of paranoid thriller. A new song from my new e.p Top Secret , will be released sometime in April. Thanks for reading.

Hope and Strength

It’s been a tough few weeks, with my mum being ill with cancer and undergoing and operation, it puts things in perspective when you visit a cancer ward and inspires me how people find the strength and courage to fight such an awful disease. I’ve been writing several songs and processing my experiences over the last few months. Its hard to believe in god or any belief when you see such suffering, but I can understand how it helps some people. Hopely my mum will improve, just take it day by day and my thoughts are with anyone living with the illness.

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Diary of creativity 13

I’ve been busy writing lyrics , which are more autobiographical in nature and have composed 4 to 5 songs this year. Its a conceptual project of internal feelings and emotional expression, about the past, present and future. It combines the positive and negative and the song selection will express these opposites and hopefully balance out into a strong album.

A Poem for Spring

  • Spring is here
  • the chiff chaff sings
  • the blue bells appear
  • the woodland is alive
  • blackthorn blossoms
  • the horsechestnut displays
  • the days get longer
  • winter decays
  • the oak, beech and lime
  • come alive once again
  • waiting for the swallows
  • to arrive
  • a season of change
  • hibernation nears its end
  • the migration of many
  • nearly home again
  • the snow melts
  • and the tree’s come alive
  • walking in a field
  • and into the wild
  • the river flows
  • the kingfisher waits
  • the long dark nights
  • are over
  • nature
  • celebrates

Ancient Monuments – The Pyramids and Stonehenge

Everyone knows the pyramids of Egypt and they have become an iconic symbol of the ancient world. Alot of mystery still surrounds the pyramids and no real explanation has been agreed on how they were built and what they were used for. Many books have been written about these ancient monuments and many theories have surfaced. For example the pyramids perimeter length is 1,760 cubits and the imperial mile length is 1,760 yards, which indicates very ancient roots for the british measurement system. Stonehenge also has mathematical surprises , with the letter pi being depicted physically and mathematically at the stone circle.

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Music and Books

Recently purchased the Chris robinson brotherhood album Big Moon Ritual if you like the grateful dead/allman brothers you’ll love this psychedelic jam, a really strong album. Also bought the counting crows cover album , Underwater Sunshine really interesting selection of songs, including fairport conventions, ‘meet on the ledge’ and other less well known songs. Reading Heartland by Anthony Cartwright and Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer about the story of Christopher McCandless who left everything behind to walk alone into the wilderness of alaska, later turned into a great film by Sean Penn.

Top Ten

Currently listening to the following albums..

    Benjamin Booker
    Teenage fan club – Bandwagonesque
    Peter Tosh – Equal rights
    Band of Horses – Acoustic at the ryman
    Natalie Merchant – paradise is there
    Black Uhuru – Liberation
    Soundgarden – down on the upside
    Jason Isbell – something more than free
    Brain cell
    Alice in Chains – the devil put dinosaurs here…..

Close Encounters in the 13th Century

What might be called the first official investigation of a UFO sighting occured in Japan in 1235. During the night of september 24th, while general Yoritsume and his army were encamped, they observed mysterious lights in the heavens. The lights were seen for many hours,swinging, circling and moving in loops. The general ordered a full scale investigation and concluded it was the wind making the stars sway.

So even in the 13th cnetury cover ups were taking place, we still don’t really know why. In the 19th century reports of UFOs were reported widely in scientific publications, such as an account written by John Stavely of hatton garden, London, after observing what he thought were meteors during a thunderstorm on august 10 1809. He explained dazzling specks of light, dancing and traipising through the clouds and increasing in size and brightness. He finished, ” as the meteors increased in size, they seemed to descend”.

Diary of Creativity 1

During the last month, Ive recorded 5 songs, of which I think are fairly strong. Hopefully record more songs later in the year.In the last week wrote two songs called countryside and constellations, using different tunings. Using the washburn guitar at the moment, as it sounds better on the recordings.

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