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I will be releasing two songs every two weeks from my seventh album 'Outside the Outsiders', free to download. It was recorded during the years 2017/18 and encompasses topics affecting many of us today, such as Brexit, climate change, the refugee crisis, isolation, loneliness and hopefully shines a dim light of hope in these demanding times. Thanks for listening and enjoy the music Peace:)

Currently Listening to Sonic Youth

  • The eternal – Sonic youth
  • Ghost – Kate Rusby
  • Full moon fever – Tom Petty
  • Love is my religon – Ziggy Marley
  • Rainy day music – The Jayhawks
  • Pronounce leh-nerd-skin-nerd- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Lightning bolt – Pearl Jam
  • Superunknown – Soundgarden
  • Specter at the feast – Black rebel motorcycle club

What I’m Listening to – Alice in Chains

  • The Quireboys – beautiful curse
  • The del lords- elvis club
  • Radiohead – in rainbows
  • Black sabbath – 13
  • Live – throwing copper
  • Teenage fanclub – original album classics
  • Goa tribes – volume 2
  • Sub pop 200
  • Alice in Chains – the devil put dinosaurs here

Top Ten Albums at the Moment

  1. easter everywhere – 13th floor elevators
  2. first rays of the new rising sun – Jimi Hendrix
  3. High hopes – Bruce Springsteen
  4. Mechanical bull – Kings of Leon
  5. Echoes of the outlaw roadshow – Counting Crows
  6. Sugaring season – Beth Orton
  7. Fight for your mind – Ben Harper
  8. To the capsules – Senser
  9. Thirteen – Teenage fanclub
  10. on and on – Jack Johnson


  • Feel the thoughtless wind blow
  • the angels of heaven gather around
  • in bird song of harmony
  • in the intuitive instinct of love
  • butterflies travel with wings of a kaleidoscope dream
  • bees travel from flower to flower way down stream
  • the spring arrives into the summer flowering meadow
  • the autumn catches the breeze
  • of the wintering red wing
  • the circle never stopes turning
  • the planet alive and one
  • to be connected
  • but feeling ejected
  • 93 million miles from the sun
  • so when you take a walk under the blanket of blue
  • remember everything alive is there for you
  • from the worm to the hive
  • to the tree and butterfly
  • its a spectacle to see
  • it’s precious and forever flying free………..

Native Americans – A Short History

Colombus discovered north america, although it was already inhabitated by many indigenous tribes, such as the sioux, navajo and the apache. From 1492 to 1890 several million europeans colonised and enforced their ways upon the people of the new world. The spaniards were some of the first to invade this new land, they were not really welcomed as they looted and burned villages, also kidnapping hundreds of people to be sold as slaves in europe.

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Thoughts and Reflections on Musical Influences

Music is forever changing and its easy to be caught in a time warp. I grew up in the 90s and listened to alot of the alternative bands, such as pearl jam and soundgarden. Over the last few years I lost faith in contemporary music and could not really connect with the new music coming through. But I find there’s always a handful of good bands every year and recently bought the new gaslight anthem and hold steady albums and really liked them.

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Shamanism is the worlds earliest and most widespread religous tradition , remnants of it are found across the world in places such as siberia, the united states, mexico, tibet and aboriginal australia. Shamanism can be regarded as a visionary approach to nature and the cosmos, which utilizes altered states of consciousness as a means of contacting the sprit world. A shaman is a magical practioner who through the art of will can enter into a trance and journey to the land of the gods and by visionary means identify the cause of the sickness.

In all forms of shamanism it is the notion that the universe is alive with gods and sprits, the shamans role is to identify the harmful sprits which are causing individual illness. So the shamans are entering a state of consciousness between the natural and metaphysical worlds, meeting the sprits in there own world. Shamans are often given their role because of there ancestral lineage or are called to the path through dreams and visions. Because this visionary capacity is restricted to just a few, shamans have found themselves somewhat on the edge of society.

Anthropologists have even speculated that shamans could be victims of mental illness, with which through trance training they control. Observing shamans has led westerners to look closely at the nature of different types of experience and to wonder that the trance state shamans enter is similar to which the mentally ill involuntarily wander. Many people believe the shamans discover a part of the human mind that normally remains untapped. Obviously now through the western lifestyle we have become disconnected with this ancient tradition and lost touch with an ancient way of seeing the world, a part of us thats still inside and never really acknowledged.

What I’m Listening to at the Moment – Dub

1) Syd Barrett – the madcap laughs
2)Buffalo Tom – three easy pieces
3) Creedance clearwater revival – green river
4) Meat Puppets – lollipop
5) Banco de gaia – songs from the silk road
6) The doors – morrison hotel
7) Nirvana – unplugged in new york
8) Eddie Vedder – ukulele songs
9) Vieux Farke Toure – Remixed: ufo’s over bamako
10) Jah Wobble and the chinese dub orchestra – chinese dub

Diary of creativity 22

I’m still finishing off songs for the new album and have been designing a front cover for the release. Also writing short stories which I may release on the web. In the meantime enjoy my new song, Let It Go. Thanks for reading.

Mysteries of the Earth (Part One)

I have a keen interest in ancient civilizations and in my childhood grew up in the south-west of England, where we visited many pre-historic hill forts such as pilsdon pen and maiden castle. Crop circles are widely seen in the area near stone circles such as stonehenge and avebury. In particular the most puzzling is an artificial mound bulit 4,500 years ago called Silbury Hill, which is near Avebury.

It’s a vast construct, with its base covering five acres alone. Many people first thought it was a burial mound or even contained treasure. Who built these mounds is a mystery and what purpose they had is equally puzzling. Like in America many mounds existed before the arrival of columbus and were built by indians for tombs and great temples. Such as the effigy mounds in ohio which depicted pictures of birds and animals, the reason still unknown. Mysteries of the ancient world may never be solved, but we do know our ancestors existed then, so the anwsers are somewhere inside us all.

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